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Feedback from happy cats.

The many pictures, sent by satisfied customers show us, that we are right with our product philosophy. If you are very quiet, you can hear the pleasant purr of the little tigers.

Tomcat Eddy

Cat basket COSMO, buffalo leather brown, cushion cover velours cream
The ordered cat basket COSMO was delivered yesterday. It is amazing! Our little cat Eddy already sleeps in it all day and refuses to share the sleeping place with Paul:-)

Thank you for the great handling and the wonderful product.

cuccia gatto pelle


Katzenkorb BOWL in Kunstleder creme, Kissen Fleece creme,      Größe 55 x 55 cm

Felipe ist zufrieden mit seinem neuen Katzenbett :-)

Happy little cat

Cat bed BOWL in felt anthracite, cushion in velours medium grey,  size 21.7“ x  21.7“

My two little kitten love the new cat basket and use them day and night :-)

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