Dog mattress MARY memory foam
A healthy dog mat with 100% memory foam.The wholesome dog mattress Mary is a real eye-catcher with its wrap-around zipper that makes recovering quiet comfortably. Thanks to its pressure reducing feature the memory foam dog bed lets your dog sleep in a relaxed and natural position and relieves joints and muscles. It softens with the body heat and adapts perfectly to the weight and shape of the dog. Recommended for osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia.Here you can find the matching head pillows

Variants from $264.67*
Dog mattress PAUL memory foam
A healthy dog sleeping place for all seasons. With its pressure-reducing ability, the viscoelastic dog mattress allows your pet to rest in a relaxed and natural position, preventing tension and relieving joints and muscles. It becomes soft with body temperature, thus adapting perfectly to your dog's weight and shape. The healthy viscoelastic dog bed is entirely covered in leatherette and also equipped with a removable fleece blanket. Thanks to the circulating zipper, the fleece blanket can be easily removed and washed. And if Fido doesn't want to give up his new blanket even when traveling, you can take it with you at any time without great difficulty. Without the fleece cover, the leatherette orthopedic dog bed is pleasantly cool in summer, while in winter the blanket turns it into a cozy and healthy place for your four-legged friend.Here you can find the matching head pillows

Dog mattress PETER memory foam
Ergonomic memory foam dog mat PETER .The sturdy orthopedic dog mat made of artificial leather with its side insert made of 100% wool felt softens due to body temperature and thus perfectly adapts to the weight and shape of the dog. The viscoelastic dog bed has pressure-reducing properties, prevents tension, relieves joints and muscles, allowing your pet to rest in a relaxed position.Here you can find the matching head pillows

Variants from $350.00*
Head pillow for our pet beds
A comfortable, ergonomic head pillow for your pet! All dog likes to lay his head on a pillow and cats likes to snuggle up to it. Our orthopedic, ergonomic pillows optimally supports the animal's head. They are equipped with our low-noise, permanently elastic latex filling. With four different sizes and different materials, you will find the optimal head cushion for every cat bed or dog basket. Sweet dreams for your beloved family member guraranteed!

Variants from $55.00*